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Più39 is an italian company operating in the market of new distributions from the 2019, after a division with a company, which has been already colsolidated in 2013, thanks to the experiences into the world of entertainment, design, supply, distribution, commissioning and assistance of professional equipment dedicated to the sectors of audio, video, lights, accessories and integrated systems, in the sector of the show buisness, entertainment and building.

The company deals with exclusive distribution’s products, Italian’s partnerships with renowned figures, prestigious and ambitious brand in continuous evolution. Più39 decided to start a new innovative project where assistance, solutions, creativity, quality and sharing are fundamental. The act of purchasing won’t be anymore just a need or an operation, but an added value to create a network for professionals, who will put in comunication between them from us.

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Più39 is a guarantee of who wants inconventional and with a strong personality solutions. Video and audio are excellent communication tools which can be applied to a variety of situations and which have the power of change our collective vision of buisness.

Our passion and dedition to the audio-visual technologies is translated into assitance, partneship and brand distribution . Più39 wants to be a point of referrence as professional solutions for the specific rental companies’ needs, audio, video, music shops, projectors, constructos and system integrator.

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The experience into the sector of design-distribution and the purchase of know-how let a rapid icrease of the company since its fundation. In a few years, Più39 is claimed  thanks to its innovation as a privileged partner of public bodies, private organizations and big companies, providing advices and standing next to the costumer.

In every moment we ensure a constant standing near to the costumers, thanks to a professionial team  able to gage every propose, improving or modiyfyng them in common agreement with the costumers due to reach their aims of communications and budjet.

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Network for partners

As più39 we propose a growing offer of products which are searched into the AV Market with the exposure of our specialist products and also with our commercial who are going to provide every information needed. Our solutions and buisness innovative formula will satisfy every client’s need, helping them to improve their investments. In addiction, Più39 build connections into the European market with its AudioVisual Products. With our ‘Network for partners (NFP)’, we can easily implement rental services with an high quality.

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Brands & Partners