VUE’s al-Class line array systems have achieved international recognition for raising the bar for sonic definition, through a combination of advanced transducer design and tightly integrated dsp with onboard network control and audio distribution. They set new performance benchmarks for high-definition line array systems.

The extremely versatile al-Class systems pack all of this technology into highly scalable designs capable of delivering unprecedented sound quality and coverage control. Designed from the ground up to provide optimum coverage for virtually any applications imaginable from small corporate events to large-scale touring applications while preserving the unique ability to integrate with all of the al-Class members in hybrid arrays that do not ‘break the line’.


  • Intelligent ‘Acoustic Linearity’ line array systems combine highly scalable acoustic elements with system optimized amplification and next-generation networked DSP technology
  • Precision transducers deliver unmatched performance with advanced materials such as Truextent® beryllium diaphragms, Kevlar cones, neodymium magnets, and VUE’s unique acoustic shades
  • Integrated rack-mount VUEDrive™ System Engines (amplifier/dsp processors) are factory configured for optimal array performance with fast simple setup ensures great sound (spend your valuable working with the room and not the speakers)
  • Ethernet based SystemVUE networking and control software fully supports hybrid al-class array configurations with VUEDrive™ System Engines
  • Comprehensive EASE Focus Software support for array modeling of hybrid arrays in both ground stacking and flying configurations is standard
  • VUE subwoofer options are available to complement virtually any application including flying subs for all al-class acoustic elements
  • Acoustic Linearity architecture featuring CST™ (Continuous Source Topology) technology enables the assembly of virtually seamless hybrid arrays by combining al-4, al-8, and al-12 acoustic elements for the vertical coverage your application requires with reduced weight and size.