Our brand insulating tape is dedicated for long term insulation of cables. The tape is characterized by a mild adhesive, low stretch and the fact that it tears easily in your hands. It is perfect for temporary wrapping and protecting cables. It has good adhesion and will not leave adhesive residue. It also has a low elasticity which makes it easy to tear in your hands. PVC tape is waterproof and self-extinguishing. It protects cables from physical, mechanical and chemical damage.


– Size: 19 mm x 20 m x 0.10 mm,

– Tensile strength: 13 (N/cm),

– Elongation at break: 160%,

– Adhesion of adhesive to steel: 1.5 (N/cm),

– Adhesion of adhesive to substrate: 1.3 (N/cm),

– Voltage resistance: 600V,

– Temperature resistance: from – 10°C to 80°C,

– Material: PVC,

– Surface: matt.