While working on a stage or a movie set, it sometimes happens that important cables need to be secured with a high-quality adhesive plaster, so as to be sure that they will not get dirty. Sometimes you have to use only a meter of tape, so it’s not a shame to use expensive tape. There are also situations when you need to cover hundreds of meters, and it doesn’t matter what tape – so ducttape will be perfect. Until now there was no universal solution, which we decided to fix this matter with our new eco tape. The fabric is rarely woven, a bit like ducttape. However, the adhesive is of highest quality. Thanks to this combination, the price of the tape is reduced to an absolute minimum. We recommend this product!

The adhesive lifetime of the tape is 1 year from the date of purchase.

Black cloth matte tape; size 24 mm x 25 m or 48 mm x 25 m.