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The Audio for 4K generation redefines the SPL ratio and size. e-class by VUE Audiotechnik has been designed with an exclusive design, ultra-compact dimensions, and sound quality for audiophiles with professional sound pressure levels and compatible with the network. It’s time to stop compromising the aesthetics for performance and forget all those outdated assumptions about size, SPL and fidelity.


Soon also the new TOP of the range e-351/e-352 POE System, Nano coaxial speaker, which incorporates the Vuedrive electronics enabled for Dante, with bi-amplification fully optimized that is powered via Ethernet by a POE + switch (802.3at).

Designed to be disruptive
“You can’t plan the future until you let go the past.”


Together with the passive model, the e-351/e-352 have an ultra-compact design in an ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum casing with 3.5-inch coaxial driver that uses VUE’s high beryllium HF component to offer a very high level of output, fidelity and efficiency.

The e-class range includes the Nano e-352 and e-351 loudspeakers, soon on the market also in POE version, the subwoofer es-269 (with patented ACM technology) and the Vuedrive V242 amplifier dedicated for the passive version.



i-Class by VUE Audiotechnik is designed specifically for AV manufacturers, designers, installers and retailers looking for a high-performance alternative as opposed to plastic cabinet systems available today. Each i-Class speaker benefits from the same design and manufacturing techniques as VUE’s most advanced loudspeaker systems.

From the smallest wall-mounted models to the sturdy is-15 and is-18 subwoofers, i-Class speakers are equipped with specific transducers, precision crossovers, real wood enclosures and bundled mounting hardware. The net result is a large family of ready-to-use commercial loudspeakers, high value and high performance that allow manufacturers and system designers to provide new levels of sound performance for applications ranging from music in the foreground to filling for large distributed PA systems.

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