Berillio Truextent

Beryllium technology is used by Vue audiotechnik for the production of high-frequency drivers. Thanks to its extremely high stiffness-to-mass ratio, beryllium outperforms both aluminum and titanium by dramatically reducing mechanical deformation and shifting resonant frequencies outside the audible range.

Active Compliance Management (ACM)

ACM – Active Compliance Management – is a unique patent of Vue Audiotechnik that combines the attributes of direct radiating and bandpass configurations to reduce distortion and increase sound pressure output while decreasing box size.

ACM technology utilizes a unique hybrid configuration in which two woofers share a common vented chamber. One woofer’s frontal radiation is direct, while the second woofer is set at 90 degrees and drives a bandpass vented chamber that has fourth-order response characteristics. Each woofer has its own amplifier and DSP control. This sophisticated combination of physics and DSP yields a substantial increase in amplitude over conventional designs, with the summed output of drivers and vents maintaining flat phase response and exhibiting low distortion, while occupying a more compact enclosure.

Acoustic Linearity

Acoustic Linearity White Paper

VUE’s guiding engineering principles and systems engineering design, ensure a consistent acoustical signature. The Acoustic Linearity White Paper can also help understand the long-term benefits for any-sized sound company by maximizing inventory usability through loudspeaker system scalability.

CST ™ – Continuos Source Topology – is a patent of Vue Audiotechnik whose main feature is the ability to combine any element of the al-class system (al12-al8-al4) in a single cluster without compromising the consistency of the medium and high frequencies which are perfectly in phase, optimizing size and weight, thus obtaining greater sound pressure and not significantly degrading the coverage, a typical problem of conventional audio projects.)

Isobaric Subwoofer Design

The isobaric design of the VUE subwoofers involves the use of two low-frequency drivers located in different chambers facing each other, maintaining constant pressure between the speakers

SystemVUE Network Monitoring & Control

Real-time remote monitoring and control with SystemVUE networking technology that connects all VUE DSP-enabled products to a Windows or Macintosh computer over a wired or wireless Ethernet connection.

SystemVUE automatically creates a usable TCP/IP-based network without requiring manual operator intervention or special configuration servers. This means that any VUE DSP-enabled system will automatically recognize and connect to virtually any kind of IP configuration including DHCP-based networks, a fixed IP network, or even an ad hoc network (directly connecting to a computer via Ethernet cable). Whatever the configuration, just plug in and the devices are instantly recognized. It just works.

VUEPoint Beam Steering

To simplify speaker configuration, the VUEPoint Beam Steering technology was developed. Quickly apply phase and frequency corrections, calculated in the EASE Focus design environment.