The experience into the sector of design-distribution and the purchase of know-how let a rapid icrease of the company since its fundation. In a few years, Più39 is claimed thanks to its innovation as a privileged partner of public bodies, private organizations and big companies, providing advices and standing next to the costumer.

In every moment we ensure a constant standing near to the costumers, thanks to a professionial team able to gage every propose, improving or modiyfyng them in common agreement with the costumers due to reach their aims of communications and budjet. Our designer’s creativity and wits allow ideas to take shape. Using the best technology we study plans and project 3D rendering in order to give a complete overview of your projects. We are a flexible and reliable internal organization, able to respect delivery times recreating the ideal location for each project.

Più39 is equipped with a staff of qualified and experienced designers, able to offer tailored projects, working with external professionals who always find in us a qualify partner to work with.

The company team puts at the service of every customer a highly specialized operating structure and a group of professionals and consulents for the logistical and technical support tied to the customer needs. We support the customer with each step taking care of the technical direction of your project, lifting you from any responsibilities and cares of the creation of your project.