Company specialized in the supply of accessories used on stages,entertainment, cinema, theaters, events and related sectors.
Some of the best products are the strong, thickly intertwined but also thin gaffer tapes (290-300 mic). These are fabric tapes covered in PE. They are also waterproof and usable outdoor. The high-quality glue does not remain on the ground and on cables (tested under different conditions).
Perfect for any work on stages, on film set, on tv studios or theater.
Used for the connection of elements of audio systems, lighting, wiring, union of set elements; marking of equipment positions, etc.
Other products are work gloves, rubber ties, Velcro straps, zip ties, supports for natri gaffa, support for gaffa tape, gloves holder and more.

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rubble cable tie

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gaffer holder

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glove holder

glove guard