Niko design supporting the Philips Hue system

Niko, the belgian number one in switches and Smart House, is taking another step into its parternship with brands and Innovative Smart House ecosystems.One of the switches program launch partner is “Friends of Hue”, of Philips Lighting. Niko design supporting the Philipss Hue’s ecosystem. Thanks to the Niko Switches, now you can not only turn the smart lights on and off from Philips Hue. With an easy pressure on the button, you can also re-call your feelings programmed or mitigate your smart lamps. Your new wireless dimmer will be available in the finishes:
Niko intense (White and Anthracite)- Niko pure (white steel and black steel)- Niko original (White and Cream). The Niko dimmer switches for Philips Hue blend themselves perfectly in every interior.

Effortless Installation
Like Friend of Hue, Niko Projected an intelligent switch completely compatible with every Philips Hue solution. Thanks to the wirless controll, this switch can be added to a pre-existing installation without the use of perforations or funnels. In addiction you don’t need to give up any features.

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