Finally Audio for the 4K generation that redefines the SPL and size ratio

It’s time to stop compromising aesthetics for performance and forget all those outdated assumptions about size, SPL and fidelity. Our e-Class systems are engineered to reset performance benchmarks by delivering audiophile-quality at pro-AV sound pressure levels from compact, architecturally pleasing and network compatible systems.

Designed to be disruptive

We’ve spent the last five years reimagining touring and corporate audio with our paradigm-shifting al-Class line arrays and h-Class HD systems. Now we’re bringing this same disruptive focus to distributed audio with a family of fully networkable, ultra-high-definition audio solutions for discerning system integrators.

Born from a true “clean sheet” development strategy that was entirely unburdened by legacy product lines or readily available hi-fi components, e-Class draws from today’s most advanced transducer, DSP and networking technologies to unleash 4K audio in virtually any environment with “plug-n’-play” ease. e-Class is an arena full of audio technology in the palm of your hand.

– True Audiophile Quality with Professional Output and Durability
– Designed for Subwoofer integration and Immersive audio systems
– Truextent Beryllium for more HF bandwidth, clarity and detail
– Integrates with QSC Q-Sys infrastructure
– Embraces Dante Ethernet/IP based Network audio distribution
– Fully integrated VUEDrive amplification and DSP
– Network control using System-VUE software
– Cast aluminum, weather resistant enclosures
– Highly versatile, compact enclosures for near limitless scalability

You can’t engineer the future until you let go of the past. We began e-Class development by wiping the slate completely clean. No legacy product lines to protect, or cheap hi-fi parts-bins to rob. Instead, we started with the same state-of-the-art transducer technology that has made our al-Class systems a disruptive force in professional touring circles.


e-351 POE+