The two-way speaker e-352 Nano Speaker, designed for audiophile sound quality, redefines small speaker capabilities by producing exceptionally high quality sound and quality with a quality response of 130Hz, a compact die-cast aluminum system that is resistant to noise. corrosion.

The state-of-the-art 3.5-inch dual cone transducers achieve high power by combining a powerful and efficient neodymium magnetic circuit, high-temperature voice coils, and physically optimizing the magnet assembly for maximum heat dissipation in the enclosure aluminum. Coupled to these drivers is a 25mm beryllium dome tweeter with powerful neodymium magnetic assembly for low distortion that extends high frequency response and high efficiency


  • Redefines the SPL-to-size ratio: Architect-pleasing design with esoteric audiophile quality and professional audio output
  • Very low distortion and flat response provides ultra high-end audiophile quality with professional sound pressure output
  • Truextent® beryllium dome tweeter with exceptionally strong Neodymium magnetic circuit for exceptional output, high-frequency bandwidth, and clarity
  • Minimum-diffraction front baffle for audiophile high-frequency performance
  • State-of-the-art dual 3.5-inch low-frequency high output cone transducers with Neodymium magnetic circuit
  • Die-cast Aluminum Body — the e-352’s elegant enclosure is made from solid die-cast aluminum for maximum rigidity and corrosion resistance (available in black and white with optional full frontal metal grill IP-56 configuration)
  • Passive system specially designed for use with the VUEDrive V242 Systems Engines dsp amplifier to provide a new level of sonic accuracy and output
  • Flexible mounting with included bracket enables quick and intuitive speaker aiming, with M6 screw to accept safety anchor.


  • Themed entertainment venues
  • 3D sound-fields & special effects
  • Theatrical sound reinforcement
  • High definition distributed music systems
  • Audio for video; distributed and surround
  • Museum and corporate boardrooms
  • Outdoor & marine installations

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The two-way e-352 Nano Speaker redefines small loudspeaker capabilities by producing high output exceptionally high-quality sound form a very compact aluminum die-cast weather and corrosion resistant system. With reference quality flat response from 130 Hz to well above what the most discerning humans can hear, the e-352 is capable of output levels of systems typically twice the size.

The e-352 utilizes applying state-of-the-art materials and technology to achieve audiophile quality at professional sound pressure levels. State-of-the-art dual 3.5-inch cone transducers achieve high output by combining a very powerful Neodymium magnetic circuits for efficiency with high-temperature voice coils and physical optimization of the magnet assembly for maximum heat dissipation to the aluminum enclosure. Mated to these drivers is a unique beryllium 25 mm dome tweeter with powerful Neodymium magnetic assembly for low distortion extend high-frequency response and high efficiency.

The passive crossover is precisely mated to the specialized DSP in the VUEDrive V242 Systems Engine to maximize response accuracy while providing maximum power and transducer protection.

The die-cast aluminum enclosure provides considerable rigidity for resonance-free operation as compared with other compact systems with plastic enclosures. The aluminum baffle features an integrated high-frequency waveguide and very low diffraction to ensure the full high-frequency clarity of the beryllium dome hf driver is not compromised. The Aluminum enclosure’s ability to withstand corrosion and moisture damage also makes the e-352 well suited for use outdoors and in harsh weather applications.

  • Berillio Truextent®
  • SystemVUE Network Monitoring & Control
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The VUEDrive Systems V242 rack mount amplifier supports e-Class (and i-Class) products. The V242 provides 2 inputs and four 500 watt output zones with preset DSP configurations for all e-Class products. It features full remote network control with SystemVUE software on iOS, Mac OS and Windows, as well as analog, digital AES and Dante network audio inputs.