PIù39 Audiovisual will once again exhibit at the Music Inside Rimini “MIR Tech” and at the Live You Play in Rimini.
MIR will present a comprehensive overview of entertainment and entertainment technologies and services.
LIVE YOU PLAY puts on stage the opportunity to see and try audio technologies, lights, videos and structures installed on a real stage, with artists performing.

Più39 Audio Visual will be at booth D5-155 of MIR TECH> will officially present for 2020 the new arrival of the e-class series of VUE Audiotechnik, the new TOP of the range e-351/e-352 POE System, Nano coaxial speaker, that incorporates the Vuedrive electronics enabled for Dante, with fully optimized bi-amplification that is powered via Ethernet by a POE + switch (802.3at).

Together with the passive model, the e-351/e-352 have an ultra-compact design in an ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum casing with 3.5-inch coaxial driver that uses VUE’s high beryllium HF component to offer a very high level of output, fidelity and efficiency.
The e-class range includes the Nano e-352 and e-351 speakers, now also in the POE version, the es-269 subwoofer (with patented ACM technology) and the dedicated Vuedrive V242 amplifier for the passive version. Another product we will present is the amplified h-108a that has been awarded as the best stage monitor by Prosoundweb readers, Live Sound International Magazine.

As for the screens will be presented the MV 2.6 Gloshineledscreen series that won the Reddot Award for design and ease of installation, a Ledwall system designed specifically for high definition vision that offers a sophisticated solution for the assembly of curved video walls, which is characterized by its ease of use and functionality. In addition, the range will be combined with the Transparent Vanish, and the TOP outdoor series LEGEND.

Other brands in our booth Gafer.pl useful accessories designed for show business operators,  Ledex Niko Proxima (Visual, home automation and integrated systems, lighting) for the Building & Project sector.

Più39 Audio Visual will also be present at the PALCO POP B5 of LIVE YOU PLAY where it will be possible to appreciate the “Sounds Good” of the P.A. audio system of VUE Audiotechnik with a real upgrade of the technology applied to the speakers that brings advantages such as clarity of sound, acoustic linearity, sound pressure and small dimensions. The installed Line array configuration will be composed of n.12 al-8 (6 for high) and n.8 al-4 (4 for side) used as downfill.

All models are compatible with the technology of Vuepoint beam steering and amplifiers VueDrive™, which incorporate a network system, as well as DSP and amplification of the latest generation.

The high definition of sound is obtained from the use of the Beryllium Truexten for the production of high frequency drivers that allow a drastic reduction of mechanical deformations and the displacement of resonance frequencies outside the audible range. The versatility comes from scalability, the patented technology CST™ (Continuous Source Topology) allows the creation of hybrid arrays with modules of al-4, al-8 and al-12 for vertical phase coverage as if they were modules of the same kind.

As for the subwoofers, on the other hand, n.8 of the top modules of the h-class series will be installed, the hs-221, patented by Vue with the ACM system (Active Compliance Management) interesting for the double reflex/bandpass configuration of the two 21 cones that increase their definition and power and drastically reduce their size. For the video part will be installed a LED Gloshine screen configuration pitch W PRO 2.9 Indoor Curvable that has the characteristic, in addition to an excellent range of colors and a very intense black, of an update rate higher than 3khz and a higher pixel density that return an extremely sharp image, without flicker and a better definition of the contours.

For the connection of elements of the audio and video system, wiring, union of elements of scenography, marking of positions of equipments, will be used the products Gafer.pl, of which we are national distributors, which tape gaffa resistant and thickly braided, ultra-thin and waterproof, the new FLUO of various colors, rubber straps, velcro straps, zip ties, work gloves etc..

“With the participation in Mir&liveyouplay we offer an increasingly growing range of products that are sought after by the AV market with the assistance of our product specialists and our sales agents who will provide all the necessary information. The innovative solutions and business formulas we offer meet the needs of our customers, helping them to optimize their investments.
più39 also creates connections in the European market with its Audio Visual products. With our network “Network for partners (N4P)”, we have the necessary infrastructure that will allow us to implement the services offered by our partners only and exclusively with a high quality. The goal is to create an integrated system of services and technologies always at the forefront, which connects companies in the sector. Each component of the network “Network for Partners (N4P)” of Più39 srl respects established quality standards, ensuring customers high quality services.
By introducing new partners, the “N4P” network of Più39 constantly enriches its coverage by further expanding the destinations of products and services.

As for LIVE YOU PLAY we give continuity to the VUE Audiotechnik project for Italy with the possibility for users to appreciate the “Sounds Good” with a real upgrade of the technology applied to the speakers bringing advantages such as clarity of sound, acoustic linearity and sound pressure.
The VUE brand, although present in the market only since 2012, has already conquered the USA market and now also in the European one is appreciated by all the renowned sound engineers and architects for design, managing to cover all the installation needs in the multiple Venues. With regard to the increasingly updated LED screens, the choice of our Gloshine products is ready for delivery in our warehouses in Italy. The combination of quality/ price is always in step with the products selected by us based on the requests of our technical support and the requests of our partners that are always followed and assisiti thanks to our Network.”