Today, more than ever, it has become essential to implement comprehensive solutions to prevent epidemics and to have up-to-date access control. Two new products join the Ledex family:

THERMOSAN: It’s a pulse and forehead body temperature detector with 21.5 LCD for advertising and attached automatic hand gel sanitizer.
21.5-inch screen size, built-in Android media player inside, no touch(optional)
Built-in automatic hand disinfectant dispenser, maximum capacity of 1000 ml hand gel
IR sensor on the side of the screen to measure the temperature of the wrist and forehead (5 cm or 60cm optional). The screen will show the temperature value and automatically announces it, supports multiple languages.
Camera at the top of the screen to photograph or make videos.
The main external shell is made of high quality iron. It has a high penetration tempered glass protective layer (3mm-4mm thick) on the LCD panel surface.
Industrial powder coating finish with anti-wear texture

Can be applied to shops, hotels, schools, offices, and other public or commercial service places.

THERMOCAM : It’s a smart camera that uses thermal imaging technology and network processing to perform high-speed temperature measurements, real-time screening, recording and surveillance video.
It is a comprehensive epidemic prevention solution that integrates body temperature screening and pre-alarm monitoring.
Built-in alarm system, which can realize an on-site alarm of body temperature abnormalities. Integrated network transmission module, capable of monitoring and remote transmission of temperature measurement results and sending out abnormal body temperature information. Built-in battery, can run for 8 hours and can be equipped with support frame for a temporary located control.

AP-HOTSPOT – Software version IOS7.1 – Android 4.0 and more – Support 128G TF Card – Rechargeable battery – High-functioning access control – Cotrollo Body Temperature at a distance


THERMOPAD: It’s a biometric facial and body temperature detector.
Also used for access control, fingerprint monitoring, documents or badges.
THERMOPAD has a binocular camera, with infrared module, high performance hardware with the possibility of saving the acquired data.
Waterproof and dust-proof design, stable and reliable.
Can be applied to gate, corporate access control, employees, customers, communities, hotels, schools, offices, and other public service places. 8 IPS LCD screen 2+8G Memory Resolution:800 1281 LAN , WIFI
Facial recognition – Temperature test – Access control – IC card reader
200W pixels Wide-range binocular vision Dynamic camera.